EHS Racing Drag Pipe LTR/RMZ
EHS Racing Drag Pipe LTR/RMZ

Out Of Frame Drag Exhaust From EHS Racing

Designed to fit the LTR 450 this header has a shorter front throw length than our TRX and YFZ drag bend this fits the LTR and RMZ frames much better without much sacrifice for HP Recommended on applications above 65 HP.

Pipe Design

Features a custom taper, stepped head pipe exclusive EHS design. The 1st section of exhaust pipe from the head is a custom extruded constant taper which eliminates the multiple steps need to create the scavenging effect needed by the newer high HP 450 motors for today's age. We are the 1st to bring this new setup to the market.


Pipes are made specific to bike and fit the head precisely not like some other drag exhaust with a mis-orientation right at the port exit. Quality stainless, perfect welds. There is no frame attachment points on these exhaust we find they are generally not needed for drag applications if you need them you can add them on your own or tack the collar at the header.

Manufactured by Barkers

Designed by EHS manufactured by Barkers in our continued working partnership. They are much better at exhaust manufacturing then we are so you end up with a better overall product.

When you purchase from EHS Racing were here to help

Lets face it, there are less and less reputable shops with first hand experience left out there. When you make a purchase here you're gaining a partner that has been doing this stuff everyday for more than 20 years. What's that pop up internet business going to do when you ask them a simple install question or the BIG BOX store. When you purchase here you get to talk to the actual mechanics and the owner.