LTR 450 All Years Package Builder

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 EHS Racing Airbox Lids for Package Deals(Qty:1.00)
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Package Builder

You could consider this the big 3 but we are moving to the term package builder. This is the collection of the best bolt of performance parts available setup in one convenient package. When it shows up to you it's set correct to work out of the box.

Concierge Level Support

So one of the main goals of this new website was to streamline everything so we can focus our time on getting you the parts you want and have them dialed in better on arrival. We have spent a TON of time and money on this new custom database. Its hope is to free up the data process/ order process channels where we can devote that to your tuning and custom details.

EFI Tuners Added Through Here WILL be PRESET

When you purchase a fuel controller through the package builder we will have the tuner pre set for the accompanied purchased parts. If you have other parts that you need to add that you already own please add them to the order details so we can take those into consideration as well. The tuners are still tuneable and can be changed by the end user but this will help the guys that are more apprehensive to mess with fuel injection.

Components Tab

The component tab will give a breakdown or description for the selectable options in the product details tab. If there are options like exhaust colors or airbox colors you want that are not listed, just complete the order and make a note in the order comments and we will call you to get things straight before we finalize the order.

Tuner Choice

The only option is the EHS Racing Bullet Box, its the only one you need fits all years of the LTR 450R. We do have mapping for PCV/PC6 if you need a package with this option we can set it up custom but we find these units tend to fail on the LTR's so currently we are only offering our tuner. Same hp much cheaper than the power commander options

Igniter Choice

No choice, for those unaware what this is. Its basically the same thing as the popular "cherry bomb" its a resistor in a factory plug that essentially put the ATV into race mode

Airbox Lid Choice

2 Choices, Kit form is parts that we provided to mod your own airbox lid, or complete form where we install our kit on a new OEM Honda factory cover ready to use when it arrives. This lid will fit all years of the LTR 450

Exhaust Choice

3 Choices, 1 Full system from Barker, 1 Full system from Empire. Or you can choose no exhaust at all and use this page to purchase Lid, Igniter And Tuner for a discount. CHOOSE the full package we have been selling this for years this system out the box for the cost cant be beat, it just works.

The more info tag at the end of each selection will expand product details. You can then use this to find the product code for each item and find it on our site for more pictures and details in the individual purchase page

Dyno graphs to follow here