Brute Force 750 Full System Duals
Brute Force 750 Full System Duals



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Brute Force 750 Full System Duals

Empire Exhaust from EHS Racing

There is no hiding when you have this system installed, it pretty much screams look at me. The new tip design combined with the Gen 2 style cans, feature a super modern design and unmatched finish. Empire sets the industry standard when it comes to a pipe that looks as good as it performs. Although this is a newer relationship between our companies they see the same values we do in a product.

Pipe Design

All exhaust features a stainless head pipe and mid pipe (full pipe systems). Slip-ons obviously dont have a head pipe. All Empire systems feature a multi stepped pipe that leads to the 6061 aluminum can/s. These cans have the best packing and perf tubes available along with custom perf tube wraps machined aluminum end caps. Fully rebuildable

These systems are configurable

Standard setups for all exhaust will be a powder black can with white Empire stickers by default. Some systems are able to have different color and design stickers on the cans, along with different color powder or a brushed finish, as well as they may also come in shorty can lengths. These changes may be listed in the notes of your checkout, and we will have the system built to order. These changes generally do not cost any different on empire systems but may lead to a longer build time. Also If a GEN 2 can option is available for the system build, that will be default. Some systems are only available in GEN 1 though (ROUND CAN) they have very similar tip design though.

Is it Loud?

Yes for sure but you probably need it to drown out the whines from your buddies who purchased one of the big brand name competitor systems, at the local shop out of one of those 1200 page magazines. But if it's still too loud you can add an optional quiet core or spark arrestor.

When you purchase from EHS Racing were here to help

Lets face it, there are less and less reputable shops with first hand experience left out there. When you make a purchase here you're gaining a partner that has been doing this stuff everyday for more than 20 years. What's that pop up internet business going to do when you ask them a simple install question or the BIG BOX store. When you purchase here you get to talk to the actual mechanics and the owner.

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